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5th Annual Christmas in San Angelo
November 16th & 17th, 2024


San Angelo Trade Days
February 17th & 18th, 2024

Setup Friday Noon to 9pm
Or Saturday morning 8am to 10am


Booths 10x10 $135, 10x20 $250, 10x30 $375

Setup is Friday from noon to 9pm

or Saturday 8am to 10am.

Open to the public Saturday from 10am-5pm

Sunday 10-4pm

Boutique trailers are not allowed inside the Coliseum.

I only allow one Direct Sales per Company.

So check the list by to see if your DS is booked already.

You must provide your own tables, chairs and equipment.

Set up on Friday noon to 9pm

Or Saturday morning 8am to 10am.


We are not allowed to have any food vendors that sell

the same foods that the Concession Stand sells,

such as, popcorn, chips, drinks, etc.

For our November show.

If you would like to help Santa give gifts to the children.

Please bring a Childs gift and if it's for a girl either wrap it in pink or with a pink bow.

And blue wrapping or blue bow for boys. So, Santa knows it's for a girl or boy.

And please put the age range on the gift so Santa knows to give the gift to the appropriate age.

If possible, bring one of each, girl and boy.

You're responsible for your own internet hotspot/payment collection.

Most venues have wifi available, but if to many vendors connect to it,

sometimes they slow way down or even crash.

Due to the overwhelming number of Vendors selling cups/tumblers, homemade soaps, and candles.

I am going to have to limit the numbers of vendors selling these products to only three each.

Only one toy vendor will be allowed.

RV spaces are available, but you must contact

San Angelo Stock Show @ 325-653-7785


Vendor Prizes

If you contribute to the vendor prizes (min. $20 worth) you will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a free booth at one of our future events. MUST BE ONLY ONE ITEM WORTH AT LEAST $20. NOT 3-5 ITEMS IN ONE BAG. Gift must be approved. SIZE D0ES MATTER (as the saying goes, lol). No single item such as a ring (just an example) will be accepted. It must have some size to it. You will receive a ticket for every vendor prize you donate.


Drawing will include only the vendors that contributed. Drawing will be held in the last hour of the event. I will draw tickets for the prizes and then draw for the free booth.

 I realize that these new rules will affect some vendors. As far as the price and size. But, if you want to participate you could always purchase something from another vendor for $20. That would also help that vendor. It would be the same as if you were giving something from your booth that's worth $20.

Only vendors that contribute will receive a prize.

We will no longer be doing the Vendor Gift Exchange.

You must make your payment first.

Once payment is made in PayPal, scroll down and click on

"Return to Merchant" in PayPal.

And you'll be redirected to the application.



If you miss the link message me on Facebook and I'll send you a link.


If I do not receive your application within 24hrs. Your payment will be refunded.

Thank you

5th Annual Christmas in San Angleo

San Angelo Trade Days - Feb. 15th & 16th, 2025

Disclaimer: In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, (Rain, Hail, Wind, Mother Nature in general, etc:) natural disasters, riots, strikes, Covid 19 etc. and event cannot operate as published, if an alternative (postponed) is provided and declined, there will be no compensation. If an event is postponed, your payment will be forwarded to the new date if you except and agree to the new date. NO REFUNDS, TRANSFERS OR CREDIT TO FUTURE SHOWS WILL BE GIVEN IF YOU CANCEL!

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