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Seminole Trade Days

April 6th & 7th, 2024

Gaines County Civic Building

405 NW 5th St, Seminole, TX 79360

Saturday 10am to 5pm

Sunday 10am to 4pm

Food trucks are allowed.

Inside Booths
10x10 $125, 10x20 $250, 10x30 $375
Unlimited Outside Booths
10x10 $100, 10x20 $200, 10x30 $300
Boutique Trailers Outside Only $125.

Food Trucks $125


Food trucks must contact the Seminole Health Dept. for a permit.

Zach Holbrooks

704 Hobbs Hwy

Seminole Tx 79360



Limited electricity for outside booths!

Note Outside Vendors: If you set up outside, you setup at your

own risk. There will not be any overnight security. Up Events Trade Days will not be


responsible for damage, lost or stolen goods.

Inside set up starts Friday, from Noon to 9 pm.

Or Saturday morning. For outside booths 7am to 10am Saturday morning.

You must provide your own tables, chairs and equipment.

There are only 36 booths total in the Civic Center building.

Booths are assigned as payment comes in. First payment gets #1 booth.

And so on down the line. So first 36 booths paid get into the Civic Center.

Starting with the 35th booth payment will be in the Barn.

I only allow one Direct Sale Rep per Company.

So check the list below to see if your DS is booked already.

Due to the overwhelming number of Vendors selling, cups/tumblers, homemade soaps, and candles.

I am going to have to limit the numbers of vendors selling these products to only three each.

Only one toy vendor will be allowed.

You're responsible for your own internet hotspot/payment collection.

Most venues have wifi available, but if to many vendors connect to it,

sometimes they slow way down or even crash.


Vendor Prizes

1. I have every one’s booth number in a bucket for the vendor prize drawings. And I will be drawing prize numbers throughout both days. If you are a winner, I will bring your prize to you.

2. If you donate a vendor prize (min. $15 worth) you get entered in a drawing for a chance to win a free booth at one of our future events. You will receive a yellow ticket for every vendor prize you donate. Drawing will be held in the last hour of the event.

3. And I also do what I call, Vendor gift exchange. This is where if you bring a gift in a gift bag ($15-$20) and you will receive a white ticket. And at the end of the show, I’ll call everyone up that participates. And I’ll draw ticket numbers out. When your # is called. You get to choose any gift on the table. Without looking in the bag.


I include all Vendors in the drawings for a chance at the vendor prizes.

Yellow Ticket: Your chance to win a free booth to a future show.

White Ticket: Vendor Gift Exchange.

You must make your payment first.

Once payment is made in PayPal, scroll down and click on

"Return to Merchant" in PayPal.

And you'll be redirected to the application.



If you miss the link message me on Facebook and I'll send you a link.


If I do not receive your application within 24hrs. Your payment will be refunded.

Thank you

Sign up for a scription and save!!!

Seminole Spring Trade Days - April 2024

Disclaimer: In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, (Rain, Hail, Wind, Mother Nature in general, etc:) natural disasters, riots, strikes, Covid 19 etc. and event cannot operate as published, if an alternative (postponed) is provided and declined, there will be no compensation. If an event is postponed, your payment will be forwarded to the new date if you except and agree to the new date. NO REFUNDS, TRANSFERS OR CREDIT TO FUTURE SHOWS WILL BE GIVEN IF YOU CANCEL!

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