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Up Events Trade Days

Rules And Application

Setup and takedown info:

1. Please check-in upon arrival. Before you start to unload items.

2. After unloading, please move your vehicle and trailers out from in front of the building to allow customer parking.

3. Set up time:

One-day show: 7 am to 10 am. No setting up after 10:00 AM for any reason! Event times are 10 AM to 5 PM.

Two-day show: Friday before the show. Noon to 10 pm. Or Saturday morning 7 am to 10 am.

4. No staples, nails, tact’s, etc. allowed on the walls of the building. If decorations are being used at this event, Lessee is required to use double-sided tape. The lessee is responsible for removing all tape from the walls. Failure to remove the tape will result in a $ 250.00 Fee.

5. You are responsible for anyone you bring with you to the shopping event.

6. NO BOOTH SHARING is allowed.

7. Canopies, tables, chairs, and all other items must stay within your allotted area.

8. Vendors, in booths against the walls and in the center by poles, will be allowed to plug into the electrical outlets, as space permits (as needed on a first come first paid with contract in, basis.) You must bring your own extension cord, your own duct tape, tape your cords down yourself, AND REMOVE ALL TAPE AND RESIDUE BEFORE YOU LEAVE!!! Or you will pay a minimum of $ 250.00 fee. All electrical cords in the walkway MUST be taped down.

9. You must provide your own tables and chairs. And you must stay within your allotted area.

10. Only bring what you have listed on your application. Only one Direct Sales Company will be allowed per booth.

11. You can sell outside of your booth area. This means handing out samples, literature, etc. (Some event promoters will not allow this).

12. Please keep your area clean and free of debris.

13. While this should never have to be said: NO DRAMA, TRASH TALKING about another Vendor, or GOSSIPING will be tolerated. This will not be accepted, and you will be asked to pack your booth and leave immediately and will not be asked to return for future events. And you will not receive a refund.

14. We understand that many of us have multiple Direct Sales that we do. We ask that if you have a booth for one, you do not try to promote your additional business from that booth. (If there is another Vendor there for that business) If this does happen you will be asked to leave, no refund will be provided, and you will not be allowed at any future shows.

15. No breaking down your booth early: You will not be invited to return for future events if you do. As with life, there are exceptions due to emergencies – please let the coordinator know if this occurs. There will not be a refund on the booth fees as these fees are used to pay for the venue and for advertising.

16. Along with the advertisement that the coordinator will do, it is the responsibility of the vendors to help promote the event. This event will only be a success if you, the vendor, help promote it.

17. Up Events Administrators or Staff are NOT liable for anything concerning you, your booth, your workers, your customers, etc., this also includes Tax ID’s, etc. that YOU may need for your business, we hold no responsibility for anything to do with your booth.

18. Direct Sales: Only one Direct Sales Rep allowed per Company.

19. Wreath Vendors: No more than two Wreath Vendors will be allowed.

20. FOOD TRUCKS: Food trucks are required to have all licenses and health dept. permit. And must visually display such licenses and permits at their booth. By signing below, you acknowledge and agree to these terms.

21. Children: If you bring your children, please be courteous to the other Vendors and control your children. Children under the age of 15 will not be allowed to run around by themselves. No RUNNING AND PLAYING WILL BE ALLOWED!

22. Electricity: We will do our best to accommodate your electricity request. However, Up Events cannot guarantee electricity to all the Vendors that request it.

23. Creating an event page: You CAN NOT create or duplicate the event page on Facebook using the same name and pictures from the main event page. This only causes confusion for the public and Vendors. When a Vendor creates an event using the same name and pictures from the main event page. It shows that this Vendor is the host of this event. This will not be tolerated, and that Vendor will be removed from the event. And no refunds will be given.

24. Outside Events: If you are set up on concrete, pavement, etc. You will not be able to stake your canopy down. I recommend that you bring heavy weights to hold down your canopy down. Anyone that drives stakes into the concrete, pavement, etc. will be fined $500. This does not apply if you are on dirty.

25. Cleaning: Vendors must clean up their booths after the show. This  includes,

  • Cleaning your area.

  • Pull up blue tape.

  • No boxes, trash, zip ties etc. left in your booth.

  • Trash must be taken out to the dumpsters.

  • Boxes must be broken down before you put them in the dumpster.

  • Must be packed up and out within 2 hours. There are some exceptions. I understand if you have 2-3 booths and have lot of product. And it takes longer to pack up. 

  • You must tear down your booth before you pull your vehicle up and block the door for everyone else.

  • No parking vehicles in front of  loading doors during the show hours.​

If these rules are not followed you will be invoiced $100 and will not be able to participate in future shows until it's paid.

26. If you are in Direct Sales and you sign up for one of my events and makes a payment through the website without looking at the Vendor list (under each event) to see if it is already booked. And it is already booked, you will be refunded less the PayPal fees that I have to pay from your payment. For an example, you pay $140. I lose $4.36 from that payment. So, I lose money by refunding your full payment.

27. No open flame, such as lit candles, etc. allowed inside the building. No cooking allowed inside the building. 


29. If for some reason you are unable to make the show and must cancel. You will not be refunded. And we do not roll over to the next event.


• By filling out and submitting the application/contract, you are agreeing to Up Events Trade Days Terms and Conditions. You also agree to give Up Events Trade Days permission to use your name, business name, and any pictures acquired at the show for advertising purposes.

• Up Events and their staff are not liable for thefts or accidents.

• Up Events reserves the right to refuse participation of any Vendor at any of our events.

• For more information, please email us at

• Please like our page on Facebook at Up Events Trade Days to follow us and keep up with upcoming events.

Important Disclaimer: In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as problems with the Venue, bad weather, (Rain, Hail, Wind, Mother Nature in general, etc:) natural disasters, riots, strikes, Covid 19 etc. and event cannot operate as published, if an alternative date and/or location is provided and declined, there will be no compensation. If an event is postponed, your payment will be forwarded to the new date and/or location if you except and agree to the new date and/or location.

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