Big Spring Trade Days

October 22nd & 23rd, 2022

Inside setup Friday - Noon to 10 pm.

Outside set up Saturday Oct 21st. 7 am to 10 am.

If you set up outside on Friday Oct 21st. You set up at your own risk.
There will NOT be any overnight security.

Open to the public Saturday 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm.

This is event is at the Howard County Fair Barn

Big Spring, Tx


1. Products: You are only allowed to sell what you list on your application.

2. Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received, and you will receive an invoice upon acceptance. The review process may take a couple of days, so please be patient with us. We do limit Direct Sales Companies, clothing, and jewelry so please apply early. Andrews Trade Days reserves the right to refuse any vendors.

3. The Vendor is responsible for the security of his or her own merchandise during the show and after hours. The applicant agrees that Andrews Trade Days and/or its employees are NOT responsible for any dispute, controversy, or lawsuit concerning any items sold, displayed, traded, or in any manner exchanged as a result of the show. The vendor also agrees that Andrews Trade Days is NOT responsible for any accidents causing harm to either person or property while attending the show.


4. Electricity is located on the outer walls of the building. If you have to run a extension cord to get electricity to your booth. It MUST be taped down where it crosses the walking paths. You must provide your own extension cord and tape.

5. Outside Booths: You must provide your own canopy and equipment to set up such as tables, displays, etc.


6. Booth sizes:


10 x 10 Inside Booth $125

10 x 20 Inside Booth $250

10 x 30 Inside Booth $375
10 x 10 Outside Booth $100

10 x 20 Outside Booth $200

10 x 30 Outside Booth $300

Food Trucks $125 - Must provide your own generator

Boutique Trailers, Outside Only $125

Outside booths: By submitting your application you are agreeing that Up Events Trade Days and/or it's employees are not responsible for any damages due to mother nature (wind, rain, hail etc), and theft,  to your equipment, products, person or persons that you own or bring to the event. 

7. Preferred Payment method: PayPal

8. Please note, if you are accepted, you WILL NOT be guaranteed a space until payment is made. Any special requests as far as placement must be received at the same time as your application, the earlier the better! Once accepted to the show a PayPal/Venmo invoice will be sent to the email address on your application if requested. No refunds will be made for payments and payments are not carried over from show to show.


9. By filling out and submitting the form below. You are agreeing to all terms and conditions of Up Events Trade Days.

Important Disclaimer: In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, (Rain, Hail, Wind, Mother Nature in general, etc:) natural disasters, riots, strikes, Covid 19 etc. and event cannot operate as published, if an alternative (postponed) is provided and declined, there will be no compensation. If an event is postponed, your payment will be forwarded to the new date.


Outside Vendors acknowledge and except by submitting your application that you are setting up at your own risk due to the fact that I can not control the weather. There will be no refunds due to bad weather.

Please submit your info.
Select Event Date
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Inside set up, Friday, October 21st from noon to 10 pm.

Outside set up is Saturday morning from 8 am to 10 am.

Outside booths: You must provide your own canopy, tables, chairs, and any setup equipment that you may need.

Note: No electricity is available for outside booths. You can bring your own generator. But must be placed to where they will not disturb the other Vendors. If I receive any complaints about noise. You will be asked to turn it off. Does not apply to the Food Trucks because they require electricity to operate.



You must provide your own tables, chairs and equipment.

You're responsible for your own internet hotspot/payment collection. Most venues have wifi available, but if to many vendors connect to it, sometimes they slow way down or even crash.

Thanks for submitting!