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Monthly Subscription

Right now I have eight events per year. Paying for them individually you'd pay $1000 for a 10x10 per the year.

By signing up for a monthly subscription and paying $67 per month.

You would save $196 per year. You would be automatically signed up for each event.

And you would go to the top of the list for every show.

$67 a month for one 10x10 booth you save $196 per year.

$134 a month for a 10x20 booth you save $400 per year.

$200 a month for a 10x30 booth you save $600 per year.

NOTE: If I add more shows for the year. You would be able to sign up for those additional events at

a rate of $100 per 10x10 booth. This siubscription only covers the shows that I'm doing now.

Odessa, San Angelo, Seminole, Sweetwater and Dripping Springs

If you can't make it or have to cancel an event. There will be no refunds but

you can transfer to a different event.

10x10 booth @ $67 per month

10x20 booth @ $134 per month

10x30 booth @ $200 per month

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