Up Events Perks Program

Starting with our Hobbs Trade Days in July. Or the next event you sign up for. So, if you can’t do Hobbs but Seminole, is your next event. Then Seminole will count as your first event. If you sign up for 10 events in a row. You will receive ½ off your 11th event.

But you must meet certain requirements to receive your ½ off.

1. Sign up for 10 events in a row. Payments and applications received. If you miss the link to the application when you make your payment. Send me a message or email letting me know and I’ll send you a link. If I have to send you an email asking for the application, you lose the ½ off. Payments will be refunded if I do not receive your application within 24 hours after payment is made.

2. If you miss one event you lose your ½ off.

3. If you sign up but have to cancel you lose your ½ off.

4. If you are a no show to any event, you lose your ½ off.